Installing and Upgrading geoR

The latest release can be installed/updated from inside an R session using the the standard R's functions install.packages() or update.packages(). See the documentation of those function for further details on their usage. To install the latest (unstable) version use these functions with the argument:

Installing the latest "under development" version type at the R prompt:
install.packages("geoR", contriburl = "")
and/or to update with the latest "under development" version type:
update.packages(contriburl = "")
If you are installing in a "non-default" location add the argument lib = "LIB_PATH", where "LIB_PATH" should be replaced by your packages installation directory.

You may need this if using a system which requires root/administrator permissions and/or installing in a non-default directory.

Installing the latest "under development" (Linux) version, from the command line:
  1. Download the latest geoR version (*.tar.gz) from
  2. Install from the linux prompt (with root/sudo permissions) replacing "*" below by the current version number. R CMD INSTALL geoR*.tar.gz or install as a normal user in a "custom" installation directory (e.g. .Rlibs) R CMD INSTALL -l .Rlibs geoR*.tar.gz

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