1st Sport Innovation Award, Brazilian Olympic Congress. Awards Ceremony, Salvador-BA, March, 2022.

Meeting Bar with some students from our reasearch group. Google Meet. During the Covid-19 pandemic, January, 2021.

On the geographic average of South America. South America Geodesic Center, at Mirante da Chapada. During the 64a RBras e 18 SEAGRO, Cuiabá-MT, 2019.

A talk in Pint of Science 2019 with the colleague Ricardo Rocha (UFBA). Data science and Big Data: the age of data. Salvador-BA, 2019.

With the Mariana Noguti (an amazing friend and statistical programmer!) in R-Day. Curitiba-PR, Brazil, 2018.

With some colleagues and some students of the Graduate Program in Matemathics with Statistical concentration area (IME-UFBA), Salvador-BA, 2018.

With the colleagues Raydonal Ospina (UFPE), Hemílio Coelho (UFPB) and Marcelo Ferreira (UFPB) in a visit to Statistical Departament in João Pessoa-PB, 2018.

With some supervised Master’s degree students, Mateus Maia (PhD in Statistics candidate at Maynooth University, Ireland) and Davi Oliveira (Data scientist at Loft, São Paulo) in 1st Conference on Statistics and Data Science, Salvador-BA, 2018.

With the colleague Paulo Henrique Ferreira (DEst-UFBA) and the Professor Francisco Louzada (ICMC-USP) in 2nd Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (LACSC). Valparaiso, Chile, 2017.

Young Statisticians Group - IASC. Búzios-RJ, Brazil, 2015.

With João Sganzella, my first scientific initiation tutored student in his poster presentation. São Carlos-SP, Brazil, 2011

With Professor Wilton Bussab (R.I.P) in 20th SINAPE, São Pedro-SP, 2008.