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Effective Statistical Modelling with R

Effective Statistical Modelling with R

Short Courses presented by Bill Venables at LEG/UFPR and DEST/UFMG

Bill Venables, Jul/2007 (art by Paulo Neto)

Course details

  • Dates:
    • 11-13/09/2007 (Tuesday to Thursday) - LEG/UFPR
    • 24-25/09/2007 (DEST/UFMG)
  • Local
    • UFPR: LEG e LM (Laboratório Multiterminal), Centro Politécnico, UFPR, Curitiba PR
    • UFMG: To Be Confirmed
  • Timetable: 9:00–12:30, 14:00–17:30
  • Language: the course will be presented in english
  • Course description: The 'effective' part is meant to suggest effective modelling strategies along with effective use of R
    • Approximated timetable:
      • First day: Linear models, robustness, model selection, diagnostics (+graphics on the fly)
      • Second day and a half: GLMs GAMs, nonlinear, random effects versions: LMEs, GLMEs, NLMEs,
      • Final half-day: Weird science: Trees, bagging, randomForests, intro to Neural Networks.

Other information

  1. Registration:
  2. Inscritos no curso do LEG/UFPR (internal access only)
  3. Promotion: LEG, UFPR with support from : Rede SAUDAVEL e C3SL
  4. Special Acknowledgments: Clarice Demétrio

Course Materials & Instructions

Course materials: slides, code scripts and others. See also the instructions for usage of the materials during the course.

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