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Diggle & Ribeiro Jr (2007) Model Based Geostatistics

Diggle & Ribeiro Jr (2007) Model Based Geostatistics

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Book data-sets

Data-sets mentioned in the book are available here in text format.
Most of the data is also distributed with the geoR and geoRglm packages for the R project. Note:

  • (geoR) indicates the data set is available with the geoR package
  • (geoRglm) indicates the data set is available with the geoRglm package
  • data() is the command to upload the data from the packages
  1. Surface elevation data (geoR: data(elevation))
    • Description: Surface elevation data taken at 52 locations.
    • Source:
      [1972, book]
      Davis, J. C. (1972). Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology (Second ed.). New York: Wiley.
  2. Rongelap data (geoRglm: data(rongelap))
    • Description: The radionuclide concentration data set consists of measurements of gamma-ray counts taken at time intervals at 157 locations throughout the Rongelap Island.
    • Source:
  3. The Gambia malaria data (geoR: data(gambia))
    • Description: Malaria prevalence in children and covariates recorded at villages in The Gambia, Africa.
    • Source:
      [1999, article]
      Thomson, M. C., Connor, S. J., D'Alessandro, U., Rowlingson, B. S., Diggle, P. J., Cresswell, M., & Greenwood, B. M. (1999). Predicting malaria infection in {G}ambian children from satellite data and bednet use surveys: the importance of spatial correlation in the interpretation of results. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 61, 2-8.
  4. Soil data (calcium and magnesium contents) (geoR: data(camg), data(ca20))
  5. Paraná rainfall data (geoR: data(parana))
    • Description: Average rainfall for the period May-June (dry-season) over different years collected at 143 recording stations throughout Parana State, Brasil.
    • Source: Recording stations at Parana State, Brasil from the institutions: COPEL, IAPAR,DNAEE, SUREHMA and INEMET.
  6. Swiss rainfall data (geoR: data(SIC))
  7. Loa Loa data
    • Description: Loa loa prevalence data from 197 village surveys
    • Source:
      [2007, article]
      DIGGLE, P. J., THOMSON, M. C., CHRISTENSEN, O. F., ROWLINGSON, B., OBSOMER, V., & GARDON, J., et al. (2007). Spatial modelling and prediction of Loa loa risk: decision making under uncertainty. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, (to appear).
    • File description: columns are:
      • longitude (degrees)
      • latitude (degrees)
      • number of people tested
      • number of positives
      • elevation (metres)
      • maximum NDVI during 1999-2001 (index with range 0 to 1)
      • standard deviation of NDVI during 1999-2001
      • Note: max and std dev are calculated from repeated satellite passes over the three years.
  8. Kateggat basin data

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